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   17 Dalry Road, Edinburgh EH11 2BQ


Friday March 21, 1986


Healthy competition keeps down prices, ensures more variety.

MORE restaurants, more variety in styles of cooking and the possibility of lower prices in a city where costs are controlled partly by healthy competition, partly because there is a large middle-class dining out market, and partly because there is a fat tourist supply - in short, Edinburgh eats better.

Until the end of 1985 a new Edinburgh restaurant was serving food of superb quality, Interestingly prepared and presented for a lunchtime fiver. In 1986 you will have to pay an additional 75p for the kind of fixed price lunch worth travelling for.

Edinburgh surely is spoiled for choice and unless I just printed a list there would not be room without elastic pages to do everywhere justice.

What follows must therefore be arbitrary but before looking at two restaurants in some detail it is worth mentioning that you can eat the best Indian food in Scotland at the Verandah Tandoori in Dalry Road.

By Raymond Gardner