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October 27th 1988


An astonished restaurant boss couldn't believe his eyes as pop star Cliff Richard polished off a tandoori chicken meal.

For his choice of dessert was a juicy... RED CARNATION!

Startled Wali Tasar Uddin, 36, of the Verandah Restaurant in Edinburgh's Dalry Road, said yesterday he was standing behind the bar when he saw Cliff pop the flower into his mouth.

Wali said the star had eaten there regularly and fixed up a special menu for him and 15 others in his party following a show at the City's Playhouse last Friday.

Then the pop star thanked his host and ate the red carnation on the left. He added: "He enjoyed his chicken tikka massallam with hot vegetable dishes and dry white wine.


"He wrote his thanks in the visitors' book - and then ate the carnation.

"I don't know why he should eat one of my carnations and I didn't ask him or his friends.

"He's a good customer and I hope he'll be back next time he's in Edinburgh.

"But I'm very puzzled and I've been asking other customers why he might have eaten it. Nobody has any idea.

"I've never seen any other customers eat a flower before and l don't fancy trying one myself."

Last night, Cliff was in Manchester where he was unavailable for comment. But his managing director, Malcolm Smith, laughed last night: "I'll ask Cliff about it but I am not aware that he has changed his diet.

"I've never known him to eat a flower before. It's a good laugh and I think Cliff will enjoy the story."


Cliff and Wali ...