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Right from the start by rejecting red flock wallpaper and hot curries for a popular blend of tropical timber blinds and fine delicate dishes The Verandah broke with the conventional view of what made an Indian restaurant. The Verandah, has created a dining experience that has proved difficult to rival.

Despite being awarded every major honour that a restaurant can receive, such as "Best Indian Restaurant" by Scottish Good Food Guide, "Restaurant of The Year" by M8, "Best In Britain" by National Restaurant Directory, "Best In Scotland" by Good Curry Guide, Les Routiers "Casserole Award" twelve years in a row, Listed in Britain's Top Indian Restaurants By The Good Curry Guide and has continually received accolades from restaurant critics and other guide books and visited by personalities such as Clint Eastwood, Sir Cliff Richard and many others. The Verandah remains reassuringly low key. The intimacy of the service is never lost neither is the attention to detail, be it the fresh flowers on the table or the final hint of seasoning for a specially cooked dish. "We always remember that our customers are our most valued asset" says the Chef "And no amount of awards can shift our attention from providing the best Bangladeshi experience that we can".

The Verandah continues to challenge the hackneyed image of the Indian Restaurant as evidence by its innovative wine list, specifically crafted to match fine wines to the cuisine of The Verandah. No sooner was it introduced when other Indian restaurants followed. The Verandah continues to chart a new course for patrons of North Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine and undoubtedly The Verandah's imitators will be left to struggle along in the wake of this phenomenally successful restaurant.